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: SITMMT2023 Secretariat : Mon, 26 June 2023, 3:23 PM

[SITMMT2023] Notice of Reimbursement

Target for and Scope of Reimbursement Support

- Eligibility: Overseas buyers (offline participants)
*Participants approved and selected by the Secretariat for their performances and standards sufficiently met.

- Scope of Support: Economy round-trip air ticket,
                                   Airport limousine round-trip ticket.
*Taxi fare is not eligible.

Regulation of Reimbursement

- 100% reimbursement is possible only when 16 or more appointment results are submitted via online page.

  If less than 16 appointment results are submitted, only part of the ticket used will be reimbursed.

16 appointments or more

100% reimbursement

10 appointments or more 

60% reimbursement

Less than 10 appointments

Reimbursement is not supported.

Documents Required for Reimbursement

- Agreement on the Use of Personal Information

- Identification Card (Passport)

- Account Information

- Receipts

 (receipts are generated after card payment; Proof of cash payment is not possible.)

  ※ When reimbursing a corporate account, a contract related to air tickets (consent form and ticket invoice) is
  required instead of personal information.

Required information

[Personal Info]

- Name

- Passport Number

- Address

[Account Info] 

- Bank Name


- Bank Address (Branch Name)

- Account Holder

- Account Number

Conditions of Support for Reimbursement

- The standard for providing the Reimburse Ticket is an 'Economy Round-Trip Ticket.’ In case you personally
  upgrade your seat, the Secretariat will reimburse only the "Economy Standard Round-trip Ticket Amount."

- For air tickets, the reimbursement shall be made only up to the departure the threshold for your country
  and region submitted at the time of pre-registration.
(e.g.: When entering the country after an overseas meeting
  in another country, the reimbursement on the air ticket is capped at the buyer's country standard.)

- For transportation, a round-trip cost between Incheon Airport Terminal 1 & 2 and Jamsil subway station
  (Stop near the Sofitel hotel where offline buyers will stay) shall be reimbursed up to KRW 36,000 (KRW 18,000
  for one way).

- Since cash payment cannot be proven, you are cordially requested to submit only the receipts that occur after
   card payment
(payment date, item, payment method, etc.).

- In case of No-Show due to personal reasons, reimbursement will not be made at all.

Upper Limit Cost for Economy Air Ticket by Country

*The reimbursement table will be uploaded to the website soon.

  > Upper limit cost table is updated on the website on July 5.

- Upper limit criteria for reimbursement shall be based on the air tickets for Economy Seat Standards of major
  cities by country
.*Countries with large differences by region are processed by setting the standard amount
e.g. US-A (West), US-B (East)).

- If you submit a receipt less than the upper limit, we will only reimburse the amount used.

- For offline participation, participants need to get an air ticket and update their itinerary on 'My Page'
  at least a month ago.

- If you use another airport except for the below, upper limit criteria of the nearest airport will be applied
   according to the airport you use.

If you have any further inquiries about the reimbursement, please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. 

E-mail: sitmmt2023@gmail.com

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