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: SITMMT2023 Secretariat : Wed, 5 July 2023, 3:38 PM

[SITMMT2023] Upper limit cost for Airfare(economy) reimbursement

Upper Limit Cost for Economy Air Ticket by Country

* If you use another airport except for the below, upper limit criteria of the nearest airport will be applied according to the airport you use.  

Please check the SITMMT schedule below when you book the air ticket:

​*Pre-Fam tour(Sep 4, 09:00~18:00/KST) is mandatory. 

*The B2B meeting is finished on Sep 6 18:00(KST). 

*The secretariat will cover the accommodation from Sep 3 to Sep 6 > Sep 7. If you want to book an additional night at Sofitel Ambassador Seoul Hotel except for the event date, please notice it to the secretariat via e-mail.

※Recommended flight schedule

- Arrival: ~September 3(Sun.) 

- Departure: September 7(Thu.) ~

No. Continent Country Airport Name
(Airport applied as criteria)
 Upper limit cost
for Air Ticket
1 South Asia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur KUL                       400
2 Philippines Manila MNL                       300
3 Indonesia Jakarta CGK                       600
4 India New Delhi DEL                       850
5 Bangalore BLR                       610
6 Singapore Changi SIN                       500
7 Thailand Chiang Mai CNX                       630
8 Vietnam Hanoi HAN                       240
9 Cambodia Phnom Penh PNH                       550
10 Nepal Kathmandu KTM                       930
11 myanmar Yangon RGN                       750
12 North Asia Mongolia Olan Bator UBN                       570
13 Japan Tokyo NRT                       320
14 Hong Kong Hong Kong HKG                       300
15 China Shanghai PVG                       360
16 Taiwan Taipei TPE                       350



USA San Francisco SFO                    1,660
18 New York JFK                    2,230
19 Canada Toronto YYZ                    1,730
20 Vancouver YVR                    1,820



UAE Dubai DXB                    1,620
22 Saudi Arabia Jeddah JED                    1,480
23 Dimmam DMM                    1,230
24 Turkiye Ankara ESB                    1,300
25 Istanbul IST                    1,180
26 Egypt Cairo CAI                    1,020
27 Alexandria HBE                    1,120
28 Lebanon Beyrouth BEY                    1,220
29 Kuwait Kuwait KWI                    1,430



Uzbekistan Tashkent TAS                       880
31 Kazakhstan Astana ALA                       850
32 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek FRU                    1,010


*Individual inquiry needed 

Saint Petersburg  LED                    1,220
34 Moscow SVO                       760
35 Europe Poland Warsaw WAW                    1,220
36 France Paris CDG                    1,910
37 Finland Helsinki HEL                    1,370
38 Sweden Stockholm-Arlanda ARN                    1,090
39 Rumania Bucharest OTP                    1,020
40 Timisoara TSR                    1,680
41 Germany Munich MUC                    1,380
42 Dusseldorf DUS                    1,340
43 United Kingdom London LHR                    1,770
44 Netherlands Amsterdam AMS                    1,870
45 Belgium Brussel BRU                    1,230
46 Hungary Budapest BUD                    1,350
47 Africa Kenya Nairobi NBO                    1,420
48 Republic of Mauritius Mauritius MRU                    1,800
49 Republic of South Africa Cape Town CPT                    1,410
50 Ghana Accra ACC                    2,100



Oceania Australia







53 New Zealand Wellington WLG                    1,220

* Reimbursement will be only operated up to the upper limit criteria above.

* Ticket price is an average price for an economy round-trip seat based on USD.

* If you submit a receipt less than the upper limit, we will only reimburse the amount used.

* For offline participation, participants need to get an air ticket and update their itinerary on 'My Page' at least a month ago.

*If tested positive for COVID-19:

If you are tested positive for COVID-19 after entering the country, only one-way tickets at the time of departure will be accepted, and, therefore, only 50% of the total ticket price will be reimbursed.

As for the civil and criminal liability arising from acting independently without notifying the Secretariat after testing positive for COVID-19, the person concerned is solely responsible for it, and it has nothing to do with the Secretariat.

Additional accommodation costs at Sofitel will be at the participant’s own expense.

[Legal Sanctions for Foreigners Related to COVID-19 in Korea]

In accordance with the provisions of the Quarantine Law below, the penalty shall be imprisonment for not more than one year or a fine of not more than 10 million won.


Article 41 (Administrative Fines)

(1) Any of the following persons shall be subject to an administrative fine not exceeding 10 million won:

1. A person who fails to report in violation of Article 12-2 (1) or a person who falsely reports;

2. A person who fails to comply with a request for passenger reservation data made under Article 29-4 or

a person who submits false passenger reservation data.

Article 39 (Penalty Provisions)

(1) Any of the following persons shall be punished by imprisonment with labor for

not more than one year or by a fine not exceeding 10 million won:

1. A person, the head of a means of transportation, or the owner or manager of cargo which enters or

departs from the Republic of Korea without undergoing a quarantine inspection under Article 6 (1);

2. A person who refuses, obstructs, and evades a request for documents provided for in Article 12 (3) or

submits or presents any falsified document;

3. A person who fails to comply with measures taken by

the Commissioner of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency under Article 15 (1);

4. A person who fails to comply with the measure taken to isolate or

quarantine him or her under Articles 16 (1) and 17 (1);

5. A person who divulges to another person any confidential information

that he or she has learned in the course of performing business, in violation of Article 38.

If you have further inquiries about this, feel free to e-mail the secretariat.
E-mail. sitmmt2023@gmail.com

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