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: Admin : Mon, 26 September 2022, 9:50 AM

Seoul International Travel Mart Opens On-site for the First Time in 3 Years
2022 서울국제트래블마트(SITM) 포스터[사진=서울관광재단]

In the wake of the periodic epidemic of infectious diseases, the largest tourism industry exchange venue in Korea will be held to preoccupy the tourism market and welcome domestic and foreign tourism industry guests in earnest.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Foundation (CEO Gil Ki-yeon) announced on the 26th that they will hold the 2022 Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart (SITMMT) at COEX in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for five days from September 27 to October 1. It has been three years since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Tourism Foundation will hold a link between the 2022 Seoul International Travel Mart and the 2022 Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart to actively promote competitive contents in the tourism industry such as health and wellness (health care).

924 domestic and foreign tourism companies participated in this year's Travel Mart. In particular, 140 overseas buyers from 33 countries were directly invited to Seoul to conduct 1:1 face-to-face meetings with domestic sellers in the tourism sector.

611 companies will participate in the 1:1 tourism company consultation meeting, while 313 companies will participate in the Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart.

In order to diversify the Seoul tourism market, the target will be expanded not only to Asia, which is the main market, but also to Gumi, which is a potential market, and online and offline simultaneous consultation will be conducted.

The main programs of this event are △ Opening Ceremony △ 1:1 Consultation for Tourism Companies (B2B Travel Mart) △ Seoul Tourism Briefing △ Seoul Medical Tourism International Debate △ Seoul Tourism Promotion Zone.

The tourism company counseling session, a key program of the event, will be held in a one-on-one consultation between overseas buyers and domestic sellers in advance. Through this consultation meeting, exchanges such as sharing trends in the mutual tourism market, information on tourism products and corporate promotion in preparation for the new daily era, and establishing a contact system will be actively carried out.

"Seoul International Travel Mart" will be attended by 221 overseas buyers (95 face-to-face on-site counseling) and 390 domestic sellers, with 1972 pre-consultations scheduled.

The "Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart" will feature 114 overseas buyers (45 face-to-face on-site counseling) and 199 domestic sellers, with 885 pre-consultation (PSA) scheduled.

This consultation meeting for tourism companies will be held through video counseling and on-site counseling, respectively. Video counseling will run from the 27th to October 1st, and on-site counseling will run at the COEX Grand Ballroom for two days from September 28th and 29th.

The "Counseling Support Center" will be installed in the COEX Grand Ballroom to provide convenient services such as interpretation to domestic sellers who have difficulty communicating with language or difficulty establishing a video counseling system during face-to-face counseling.

During the consultation meeting, all consultation performance will be efficiently automatically statistized and reviewed in real-time by introducing an online performance writing system.

Mayor Oh Se-hoon will attend the opening ceremony, which will be held offline at COEX ASEM Ballroom, to deliver a message of hope to domestic and foreign tourism industry officials to support the preparation of the new daily tourism era. The opening ceremony is broadcast live on the official website of Seoul International Travel Mart and Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart.

The Seoul Tourism Briefing will also introduce Seoul's new tourism contents such as Seoul Festa, Seoul Light Chorong Festival, and Seoul Mountain Tourism, as well as beauty tourism startups (Virtual Live). In addition, medical tourism briefing sessions will be held in collaboration with Incheon City, Gangnam-gu, and tourism companies (comedy clubs) that are leading the trend of smart technology (intelligent technology).

Under the theme of "Coping with Fusion in the Era of Pandemic," the Seoul Medical Tourism International Debate will share the trend of the medical and wellness industry together and seek strategies for Seoul medical tourism to strengthen its competitiveness.

Professor Jin Ki-nam of Yonsei University, chairman of the Seoul Medical Tourism Promotion Council, will attend as a host and debater, and Lászl P Puczko, founder of the World Health Tourism Center, will speak as a keynote speaker on the boundary between medical services and wellness.

A total of eight domestic and foreign medical and wellness (health care) tourism experts will attend the meeting as speakers and debaters, and the program will be broadcast live online on the official website of Seoul International Travel Mart and Seoul Medical Tourism International Travel Mart.

The Seoul Beauty/Art Pop-up Store (Sparkling Store) in the tourism promotion area in the lobby of the COEX Grand Ballroom You can see various attractions of Seoul tourism in one place, including an experience zone, an exhibition zone where you meet the "real beauty of Seoul," and an experience zone of "time-space transcendence hobby."

The Seoul Tourism Promotion Zone will showcase various programs such as yoga, beauty, tattoos, and musical instrument performance to experience the contents and services of tourism startups (sprout companies) fostered and supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

In addition, there is an annual meeting of Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Agency, which shares best practices for exchanges and cooperation projects among medical tourism cooperation agencies, and a preliminary tour of Seoul tourism for overseas buyers who participated in business consultations.

The Seoul Tourism Pre-Exploration Tour (Fam Tour) consists of a total of three courses: new tourism resource experience-medical, wellness-beauty, and wellness (health care), and visits hiking, Cheong Wa Dae, and beauty houses to experience Seoul tourism.

Choi Kyung-joo, director of the Seoul Tourism and Sports Bureau, said, "We hope to rebuild domestic and foreign tourism networks and preoccupy overseas travel demand to signal a recovery in the Seoul tourism market," adding, "We will actively support the tourism industry to quickly respond to the changed tourism trend and paradigm." 

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