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Fam Tour

  • DATE : Sep. 4(Mon.), 2023
  • Venue : Institutions and tourist attraction specializing in medical and wellness tourism in Seoul (4 courses)
  • * Details of each course may change depending on various factors, such as but not limited to, weather conditions.

Course A

#k-Contents #Wellness Tourism

- Omni Bodyworks Chungdam (pilates bungeephysio experience),

- Supsokhanbangland (Korean traditional sauna),

- Kyungsungclothes (19th-century Korean Traditional clothing experience), etc.

Course B

#k-Contents #Medical Tourism

- Asan Medical Center (medical facility tour),

- Yhlayuen Seal Engraving Lab. (Korean traditional stamp-making experience),

- Golden Blue Marina (sunset kayak experience), etc.

Course C

#k-Contents #Wellness Tourism

- Gowoonbichae Korean Traditional Clinic (Korean traditional pulse diagnosis experience),

- Korean Temple Food Center (Korean temple food experience),

- Tea Therapy, etc.

Course D

#Wellness Tourism

- Rebom Clinic(Korean traditional health type diagnosis experience),

- Dr.FORHAIR(scalp condition check-up),

- Spaheum(private bath & bath scrub), etc.