Travel Mart(Biz-Matching): 6(Fri) – 19(Thu) November, 2020

Seoul Medical Tourism Presentation 6(Fri) November, 2020

Seoul Medical Tourism International Forum 10(Tue) November, 2020

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If you want to participate, please make the online pre-registration.

■ Pre-registration deadline: 9.21(Mon) ~ 11. 3(Tue)
■ After the online pre-registration, a final attendance confirmation message
and Zoom authentication code will be sent after approval by the secretariat.
■ For those who are not selected for the SITMMT 2020 ZOOM online participation,
there will be broadcast line on the SITMMT 2020 website and YouTube. So please use other channels to watch it.
■If you have any questions about the speaker or theme, please submit your question when you register on the website.

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